Can the followers I bought be withdrawn because I no longer desire them?

authentic Instagram followers from authentic accounts are used to offer all followers. Due to this advantage, once followers are supplied, our team is unable to transfer or remove them. By blocking each user individually, you, as the Instagram account owner, can delete certain followers from your following list.

Why are my followers dropping?

Instagram occasionally removes accounts that users flag as spam. The number of followers on Instagram decreases as a result. Our consumers are affected by it sometimes, other times not. In compliance with our free refill policy, we will gladly refill your followers if you experience drops during the first 30 days of your purchase.

What should I do if my order wasn’t delivered?

To guarantee a successful delivery, please make sure the following requirements are completed before placing an order. Your Instagram profile is public on default. The username you entered for Instagram is correct. Before the order’s completion, your Instagram username has not been modified. The post or account is still active and has not been removed. […]